The Party People

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Terms + Conditions

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  1. General Use

1.1. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that there is EASY ACCESS to the venue for unloading (delivery) and loading (collection) of the Equipment.

1.2. We will endeavour to arrive in plenty of time to set up the equipment, however Little Stars Soft Play are not responsible for any delay incurred through unforeseen circumstances, i.e. traffic problems, bad weather etc.

1.3. Soft play equipment is for Pre school children up to and including the age of 5 years.  

1.4. There must be a minimum of 2 responsible adults (over the age of 18) supervising children at all times. To comply with insurance regulations responsible adults must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when in charge.

1.5. Where smaller children are using the equipment i.e. as young as 1 year old we strongly recommend that there are more than 2 adults supervising them at all times.

1.6. It is the supervising adult’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment doesn’t become too over crowded.

1.7. There must be at least 2 adults supervising the children at all times, preferably more when there are over 10 children playing, as a ratio you should ensure that there is 1 supervising adult for every 5 children.

1.8. Shoes must be removed, as should any jewellery, glasses, sharp objects and any items from pockets before entering into play.

1.9. Socks MUST be worn at all times during play

1.10. No face paints or other coloured objects like silly string is allowed near the Soft play equipment.

1.11. No food, drink or chewing gum is to be allowed on or near Soft play equipment

1.12. Little Stars Soft Play accepts no responsibility regarding photography of children using the Soft play equipment.

1.13. A 25 % deposit is required at time of booking with the balance due on the day of your event.  Payment can be made by either: cash, bank transfer or over the phone using a Debit or Credit.

1.14. In the event of any accident to comply with our Insurance conditions professional medical advice must be sought within 1 hour of the injury occurring, reports are likely to be requested by the Insurance company should a claim arise.

1.15. The appropriate Health & Safety Report must be completed at the time when Little Stars staff returns to collect the Equipment.



  1. The Equipment

2.1. The Ball Pool should be limited to no more than 5 children at any one time.  

2.2. It is the responsibility of the supervising adults to reduce that number accordingly if particularly young children are in the Pool with older ones.

2.3. Although the Soft play equipment and Balls from the Ball Pool are cleaned after every event it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.

2.4. Particular care should be taken when younger children and toddlers are exiting the Ball Pool to ensure no accidents occur.  Diving/ Jumping into or Standing on the side of the Ball Pool MUST NOT be allowed.

2.5. Safety mats MUST always be used under Ball Pool and all Soft play items.

2.6. Soft play equipment MUST NOT be thrown and Ball Pool should not be moved once set up.

2.7. Rockers should be supervised closely and only 1 child should play on them at a time.


  1. Safety

3.1. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that, once set up, due care and attention is given to avoid damage to the Soft play equipment.

3.2. There must be no smoking or barbecues near the Soft play equipment.

3.3. For safety reasons no water or Bubbles should be sprayed/blown onto Soft play equipment.

3.4. When Ride-Ons, Cars and trekkers are hired then children must be under supervision at all times. Care should be taken when children are getting on and off/ in or out of these items, and particular care must be taken so that children’s feet are kept away from the wheels at all times.

3.5. Children must not stand on the seats of the Ride-Ons/Trekkers.

3.6. Ride-Ons, Trekkers, Cars must not be used as “Bumper cars” whereby children deliberately run into another child’s vehicle at any time.

3.7. Children must not be allowed to run around with any item. Particular care should be taken so that no item is placed in any child’s mouth.

3.8. No pets are to be allowed on Soft play equipment or mats


  1. Indoor /Outdoor Use

4.1. Equipment is predominantly for indoor use unless by special arrangement.

4.2. Under exceptional circumstances where equipment is allowed outside it must be sited on grass and the ground sheet must be used.

4.3. In the event of bad weather the equipment must be covered immediately, or taken inside to prevent weather damage.

4.4. It is responsibility of the Hirer to find a suitable site, i.e. flat, well drained, clear from glass etc and in a clean / hygienic area if an outdoor event is being arranged. PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT SET UP EQUIPMENT IN PUBLIC HOUSE CAR PARKS, due to the risk of broken Glass.

  1. Return of the Equipment

5.1. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered in.

5.2. If Equipment is returned in a dirty condition as deemed by Little Stars Soft Play at the time of collection then a £50.00 fee will be charged, this amount must be paid within 7 days of the party/event.

5.3. Any damage to the Equipment will be chargeable at an appropriate amount, i.e. cost of repair or replacement.

5.4. Lost or stolen items will be charged at an appropriate amount, i.e. cost of replacement.

5.5. Please note the Ball Pool should only be dismantled by ourselves. All balls must be within the confines of the ball pool when collected. Failure to do so will incur a £20 charge as this will take extra time to pack away.


  1. General Terms

6.1. You are reading a legal document which is the agreement between you, the Hirer (whom we refer to as “you”, “your” or the “Hirer” in this document) and us.  You are agreeing to these terms and conditions herein, all of which are called the “Agreement”. We are Little Stars Soft Play Limited. We are a company registered in England with our registered office at <<INSERT>>. Our company number is <<INSERT>>.  We refer to ourselves as “Little Stars Soft Play”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this document.

6.2. Data Protection: We send emails, newsletters and other communication to you in order to provide our services.  Please refer to our data collection and processing practices in our Privacy Policy for details, which forms part of this Agreement.  <<INSERT LINK TO PRIVACY POLICY>>

6.3. We are only responsible for what we set out in this Agreement and nothing else.

6.4. Limit on Liability:

6.4.1 Little Stars Soft Play always try our best at what it do.  To give some legal backing to this, we confirm that we will exercise reasonable care and skill in performing any obligation under this Agreement, and we will not contravene the requirements of professional diligence in what we do.

6.4.2 If there’s a conflict between what we say in different parts of this Agreement, this Clause 6.4 takes precedence over all other sections and provisions of this Agreement and sets out our entire Liability, and your sole and exclusive remedies, in respect of the performance, non-performance, purported performance or delay in performance of this Agreement or the Service (or any part of them); or otherwise in relation to this Agreement or the entering into or performance of this Agreement.

6.4.3 Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit our Liability for any liability which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law (such as for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or any other non-excludable statutory rights).

6.4.4 What you can and cannot take legal action against us for: If we fail in the provision of our services, ultimately you can take action against us for a breach of contract (i.e. for breach of this Agreement) but for nothing else (such as suing for a tort).

6.4.5 To the extent permitted by law (and subject to Clause 6.4.3, please note that we shall have no Liability for: loss of revenue; loss of actual or anticipated profits; loss of contracts; loss of the use of money; loss of anticipated savings; loss of business; loss of opportunity; loss of goodwill; loss of reputation; and indirect or consequential loss.

The law on interpretation of limitations and exclusions of liability is extremely complex. So to make sure this clause means what we think it means, please therefore note that apart from what we set out in Clause 6.4.3 of this Agreement, we understand the words “consequential loss” to mean “consequential losses whether those losses are foreseeable, known, foreseen or otherwise”.

6.4.6 Limits of Liability: Apart from what we set out in Clause 6.4.3 of this Agreement (for which we have unlimited liability) and apart from what we say in Clause 6.4.5 (where we set out where we are never responsible), our total liability to you or any third party shall in no circumstances exceed, in aggregate, a sum equal to the contract/hire price.

6.4.5.   We shall not be liable for any breach of our obligations under this Agreement where we are hindered or prevented from carrying out our obligations by any cause outside our reasonable control.

6.6. Governing law: This Agreement shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with English Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Little Stars Soft Play Limited

Tel :- 07891 200647
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Company:  Little Stars Soft Play Limited

Company number: 11736658

Address: 12 Morland Avenue, Lostock Hall, Preston, United Kingdom, PR5 5LU

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Company number: 11736658
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Address: 12 Morland Avenue, Lostock Hall, Preston, United Kingdom, PR5 5LU


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